Teenage Party Ideas

Oh heavens, are you in charge of throwing a party for your teen? Look no further, Parties For All Seasons has tons of teenage party ideas to keep it entertaining, safe, and fun!

It can be a bit challenging planning a party for a teenager. Those little kid games won’t work anymore, and you need to come up with activities that they will think are cool and entertaining. In other words, we need teenage party ideas, including the theme, decorations, party favors, food ideas, and games that are appropriate for their age. And we have to get it just right since they’ll be talking all about it at school, right?

One of the most common parties for a teenager is when he or she turns 16. This is a very special birthday, so please visit my sweet 16 party ideas page and find out some fun party ideas to make this birthday really special.

Another big one is when they turn 18! Hello! No longer a teenager! For some helpful advice and planning tips please visit my page on 18th birthday party ideas and you’ll be on your way to creating a memorable event.

Maybe you are hosting your first sleepover party. These take some special consideration because they do last longer, and be prepared for the teens to stay up LATE (if they go to bed at all). It is important to have a lot of activities planned for them. Visit the sleepover party ideas page to see some fun activities.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool you may want to host a pool party. I have come up with some pool party ideas to make this type of party stand out and make it truly one to remember.

Having a spa party for girls is also becoming very popular. In this article, I will share lots of ideas on what to buy, decorations, and even some activities to play along with spa-time!

Now on to more teenage party ideas, here goes!


I’m sure your teenager will have some say here. Are they into a celebrity or music star at the moment? Into a movie or a TV show? These types of themes usually work well for teens. If you do not want to pick a theme (and many may not), use your teen’s favorite colors to have a color scheme to work out for decorations.


Teenagers love to eat! Have plenty of snacks out in addition to the meal and cake you may be serving.


Ideas coming soon!


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