Superman Birthday Party

Thinking of hosting a Superman birthday party? Maybe your child is into all superheros, or just maybe, he or she is like my daughter, who has a special admiration for Superman.

It all began when we showed the original 1978 movie with Christopher Reeves to my kids. It was streaming on NetFlix. I had no idea how much they would love it! It is a great film, and I have fond childhood memories of watching that movie.

My daughter Paige suddenly pretended she could fly, and we made her a little cape so she could go around catching the “bad guys”! Too cute!

I wasn’t surprised when she asked for a Superman birthday party, because it was her favorite movie at the time. Here I’ll explain the decorations, cake, and games we played.

Superman Birthday Party Invitations

This is how I made Paige's invitation. I took a photo of her, wearing her Superman costume. I had her stand in front of our brick wall we have in our basement. However, you can have your child stand any place where there is a solid background, even outside. You just don't want too much detail in the background.

I took her photo, but had her over to one side. The final photo had a large space to add in text (which I added in using Photoshop, but you can also do this on Word Processing programs and Photo Editing software).

Original Photo:

staging for invitation

After Photoshop:

superman invitation

I typed in all the details of the party. It read:
Paige is turning 4!
Join us for a Super Fun Time!
Calling all Superheros to Paige's Superman Party!
Where: The Fortress of Solitude (AKA Paige's House)

I cropped the photo to a 5 x 7 inch size. I then got 5 x 7 prints made, just like I would any other photograph, and picked them up at Wal-Mart. Super easy and professional! Of course, you can also print them yourself on your home printer.

Superman Birthday Party Decorations

The colors for this are easy primaries: red, bright blue, and yellow. Once again, I was able to use my red tablecloth to cover the party table. I highly suggest buying a red tablecloth… you can use it for many birthday themes and holiday entertaining!

Superman birthday party decorations

We decorated with red and blue helium balloons. We had a few at each end of the table, held down with a balloon weight.

I keep things pretty simple, as you can see. I always use a few balloons, and make a birthday banner that I print myself. For more on how to I make my own birthday banners, click on the link. There are also some free printable ones for you to use!

I enjoy making my own favor bags for the kids to take home, and I display them on the cake table as part of the decorations. You can certainly buy them, but I enjoy making my own, and I have done so for nearly every birthday party I have hosted.

Superman bagsI begin with brown lunch bags. I have a big multi-pack of them which I keep drawing from (this pack has lasted forever)!

I then go on the Internet and find free clip art that I am allowed to use. I search for my theme, download the image, and import it into my Scrapbooking program. You can alter the image in nearly any type of software though… photo editing software, word processing software, etc. Then I added in each child’s name using a Text tool and printed out each image. I glued on each photo to the front of the bag. The bags were filled with Kyrptonite, candy and Superman stickers.

To make the Kyrptonite:

: I was able to find some green rock candy at a gourmet candy store. I placed some nuggets of this candy in a small clear baggie and made a cute printable on the computer which said “Warning: Kryptonite!”

It was easy to find photos of Superman, including the logo, on the Internet. Make sure they are free to use! I had plenty of the “S” logos printed out and hanging from ribbons from the ceiling.

Superman Birthday Cake

After convincing my daughter to just have the Superman symbol on the cake instead of Superman himself, the cake decorating was a breeze.

I frosted the cake first, and then traced out the Superman symbol freehand, using a toothpick to etch the drawing in the frosting. If I messed up, I just smoothed over the frosting again.

I then went over what I had traced with black frosting piped on with a thin tip. I filled in the solid areas with frosting stars, using a star tip. Pretty simple, and I like the way it came out.

Superman cake

Superman Birthday Party Games

Pin the "S" on Superman: We played "Pin the S on Superman". This was really fun! I printed out a large photo of Superman. I did this using a free program called PosteRazor. This cool program allows you to take any image and divide it up into smaller pieces for printing. After printing it, you can assemble it into a poster. Perfect for a large poster of Superman that I wanted to make myself!

I then printed out the S symbol from his suit and made multiple copies of them for each child. I wrote each child's name on the S symbols.

Superman Trivia: The second game was actually for the adults at the party. I wanted to include them as well so I passed out Superman Trivia. They were able to take their time answering the questions, and then we went over the answers as a group. I had a small prize for the one that got the most answers right.

Here is an example of some of the questions I had on the trivia game:

1. What year was the original Superman movie (with Christopher Reeves) released? (answer: 1978)
2. What is the name of the actor that plays Jor-El (Superman’s dad)? (answer: Marlon Brando)"
Of course, we also had the actual movie playing at the party too!

I hope you have found these Superman birthday party ideas useful, and I welcome you to share your ideas and photos as well!

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