A Winter Snowman Birthday Party

Having a snowman birthday party is perfect for those winter month birthdays. It can also be fun to host one in the dead of summer too!

My daughter’s birthday is right after Christmas and New Year’s. If you also have are planning a January birthday party, let me just tell you that having a snowman theme is very economical! I found so many snowman based prizes, snacks, and decorations that went on clearance right after the holidays (just something to keep in mind, every bit saved helps!)

Below I explain how I planned and pulled off her Snowman birthday party.

Snowman Birthday Party Invitations

I had just gotten a Cricut die-cutting machine, and was so excited to use it. I had a cute snowman shape from the Stretching Your Imagination cartridge that I used to cut out a snowman. I glued to the front of a small card and typed in all the details.

If you want to make your own snowman invitations, here’s another idea:
Fold a small piece of light blue card stock in half like a card. Inside, write (or type) all the invitation details. On the outside, make a little snowman using cotton balls. Glue three cotton balls in a column to resemble a snowman, then glue on little googly eyes and small embellishments (small paper circles, beads) to create the face, buttons, scarf and hat. Super cute!

Snowman Birthday Party Decorations

I decorated the table with a bright aqua table covering, quite frankly, because I still had a plastic roll of that color and I wanted to make it work. Any shade of blue, white, or gray/silver would work well for a snowman party.

If you have any snowman decorations put them on the cake table! I found that I had quite a few snowmen from the holidays, so put them to use as a part of the display. I also used a strand of white icicle lights and had it lying on the table top.

snowman birthday party

I cut a lot of snowflake shapes using my Cricut, and hung them from the ceiling with thread. This really looked beautiful! You can also make the snowflakes yourself, by folding a circle six times to form a pizza slice shape, and making cuts into the folded edges. How pretty!

I also made snowman garland out of glue and taped it to the front of the table.

I made a few indoor snowmen for our entrance way to greet guests when they arrived. I put some pillows, and crunched up newspapers in white garbage bags, securing each one tightly with tape. These were stacked upside down (openings at the bottom), on top of one another to form a snowman. I secured everything together with clear packing tape. I decorated their faces with cut circles of paper, and put a real scarf and hat on them.

garbage bag snowmen

Snowman Birthday Party Games and Activities

We hosted the Winter Olympics (which was going on at the time, so it was perfect!). The kids were divided into two teams. The Olympics consisted of two games, a snowflake relay and a snowman building race.

Tissue Snowflake Pass

Each child must pass a tissue paper snowflake to their next partner in line using only a drinking straw! To do this, they must place the straw in their mouth and breathe in slightly to create a vacuum. To begin, they may use their hands to place the tissue snowflake at the other end of the straw, which will stick if the child is sucking in. The child passes the snowflake to the end of the next child’s straw, who should also be sucking in to be ready to hold on to the snowflake. The first child must stop their suction then. If the snowflake drops, they must begin again at the beginning of the line. This is a really fun game to play and to watch! It is best suited for children age 5 and older.

tissue snowflake relay

Toilet Paper Snowman Relay

For this game, teams compete to see who can build a proper snowman the quickest. One child on each team needs to volunteer to be the snowman. The other team members will roll toilet paper around the snowman completely, from the neck down (like a mummy)! They then must complete the snowman by adding on a hat and scarf. So fun!

Freeze Dance

Freeze dance works well for this party, simply because of the name of the game. And who doesn't love a game of freeze dance? If you don't know how to play, you put on some upbeat music and have all the children dance like crazy. Suddenly stop the music. All the kids must freeze. Any child still moving (or the last one you see moving) is out. Then play the music again. Keep on playing until only one child (the winner) remains!


I gave away prizes to the members of the team that won to Olympics. I was able to buy so many cute Snowman things at clearance, since I was shopping right after New Year's. I gave away Marshmallow Snowman Peeps, and several different cute canisters of hot chocolate mix (one was inside a glass snowman jar)!

Snowman Birthday Party Cake and Snacks

Hot Cocoa Bar

Since this was a winter party I thought it would be fun to have a hot cocoa bar. This turned out to be a huge hit with the kids. I made a large batch of hot chocolate and kept it warm with an insulated coffee thermos that I had. On a table by the thermos, I included mugs, and bowls filled with goodies and things to add in. There were Hershey Kisses, white chocolate chips, a few different flavors of marshmallows, and peppermint sticks. I also made sure to include a large can of whipped cream.

hot cocoa bar

Snowman Birthday Cake

The cake was made by baking three 9 inch circle layers. Instead of stacking them, I placed them in a column to look like a snowman. I had to cut off a slice from the circles that joined to make the circles sit flush against one another. I frosted the whole cake white and used candies to make the face. His eyes were chocolate Rolos, his nose was a candy corn, and his mouth was make with colored Skittles. The scarf was made from marshmallow fondant, and the buttons were colored Jujubes. I created the arms using pretzel rods. I cut off a smaller section and used frosting to attach it to the larger stick, to make it appear like a branch.

snowman cake

Snowball Ice Cream

Instead of scooping out ice cream, I served snowballs. Before the party, I scooped out balls of vanilla ice cream using a standard ice cream scoop. I wore some disposable food gloves and rolled each scoop of ice cream around in my hands to make it as round as possible. I had to work quickly, before the ice cream got too warm. I then rolled each ball in a bowl of white sugar sprinkles that looked like glitter. The balls went back in the freezer, sitting on a foil lined cookie sheet. I removed them from the freezer right before serving.

snowball ice cream

Snowman Birthday Party Favors

For the snowman birthday party favors, I gave out a bag of candy, a snowman pencil and eraser, and snowman stickers. I also included a small bag of Snowman Soup!

Snowman Soup

In a small plastic sandwich bag, add:

  • one packet of hot chocolate mix
  • 3 Hershey kisses
  • 15 mini marshmallows
  • 1 candy cane

And this note:

"Was told that you've been good this year,

Always glad to hear it.

With freezing weather always here,

You'll need to warm the spirit.

So here's a little Snowman Soup

complete with a stirring stick.

Add hot water, stir it slow

It's sure to do the trick!"

I hope that you have enjoyed these snowman birthday party ideas! Happy party planning!

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