A Rainforest Birthday Party

We hosted a jungle themed rainforest birthday party for my daughter one year. She loves all animals, and has a fondness for all the different animals found in the rainforest. She had just learned all about the rainforest at school too, so it was easy for her to pick this theme.

A rainforest birthday party is very fun to plan for, because there is so much you can do with decorations, food, and games. Not to mention how creative some of the birthday cakes can get!

You've probably already noticed that I take a more simple approach to my party planning. I incorporate some fun elements and decorations but I don't go all out like some of the party decorations I see on Pinterest. Not because I don't love the look, but I just don't have the time or extra money to get so fancy. I also try to make most of my decorations myself, simply because I love to make things.

Here I explain how I decorated for my daughter's rainforest birthday party, and the food and games we played. I'd love to hear your ideas too! There is a form near the bottom of the page to submit your own party plans.

Rainforest Birthday Party Invitations

I made the party invitations myself, using my Cricut. There is a toucan, as well as some fun jungle leaves, on the "Life is a Beach" cartridge. These designs worked perfectly on this invitation.

rainfrorest birthday party invitations

I cut 8.5 x 11 inch white card stock in half, creating an invitation on each half. This fit nicely into a half page size envelope.

Rainforest Birthday Party Decorations

The main color I chose to decorate with was green. It reminds me of the jungle, and it didn't hurt that I already had a tablecloth that color. You could also try animals prints, which would look great!

I chose a light green, a darker green, and yellow for the helium balloons. I always like to place a few helium balloons on the cake table. I buy one of those helium tanks from the party store and keep it to do about eight balloons for each party. This tank ends up lasting me through several parties this way! I just store it in my closet and I always have helium. It also saves me from having to run out the day of the party to pick up balloons.

rainforest birthday party

I hung dark and light green streamers across the room. I also made jungle vines, and draped these from the ceiling too. They really looked great.

rainforest party bags

How to make Jungle Vines:

Materials Needed:
  • Several brown paper bags (or use brown shipping paper)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Green construction paper


1. Cut open the brown paper bags to create one large piece of paper. This is done by cutting a slit down one side the bag, and cutting out the bottom of the bag. The brown paper that comes on rolls for mailing things is much easier to use since you can skip this step.

2. But two inch wide long strips from the brown paper.

3. Twist the paper upon itself very tightly. It will start to resemble a vine!

4. You can use tape to secure multiple vines together.

5. Cut leaf shapes out of the green paper, and tape them sporadically on the vine.

rainforest birthday party decorations

Once I made the vines, I hung two stuffed monkeys from them. This really made an impact. One was a puppet we had, and both monkeys had Velcro hands so you could easily hang them over a vine.

I always make a birthday banner for my kids parties too. This banner had a rainforest theme to it with a toucan, a tree frog, and a lemur.

Rainforest Birthday Party Cake

Madison wanted a toucan cake. Whenever I have a more challenging design such as this, I go to my old reliable butter cream transfer technique. This is a way to decorate a cake without having much artistic skills at all.

toucan cake

I found a coloring page pattern of a toucan on the web, and printed it out the size I wanted it to be on the cake. Then, I traced the outline of the toucan in black and filled in the solid areas with colored butter cream frosting.

Rainforest Birthday Party Food

Here are some ideas on food and drink to serve:

Serve drinks in coconut cups with fun straws and a tiny umbrella. (Jungle Juice)
Cut up bananas skewered on toothpicks (Monkey food)
Puppy Chow or Chex Mix (Rainforest Trail Mix)
Sesame or Sunflower Seeds (Toucan Seed)
Oreos (Leopard Spots)
Fruit roll ups by the foot (Lizard tongues)

Rainforest Birthday Party Games

We played an expedition game where the children were told that miniature rain forest animals were hidden all over the house. I gave each child a butterfly net and they were set free to go exploring.

I had some pin up butterflies that I placed around the house. One was on a lamp shade, one was on the bathroom mirror, etc. I also had little plastic tree frogs and a few plastic bugs that I placed on the floor in a couple of rooms. The kids had fun dashing around and collecting little critters!

The kids all really had a great time at the Rainforest Birthday Party. It was a fun party to decorate for!

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