Enchanting Princess Party Ideas

Here's some creative princess party ideas so you can host a beautiful princess birthday party for your little girl and make her feel so special. Make the day perfect with these great princess party ideas for decorations, food, activities, and more!

It’s fun to give girls a chance to dress up all pretty! This is the perfect occasion to pick out a beautiful party dress for her, and a tiara of course.

Princess Party Ideas: Invitations

The color pink comes to mind for a princess party, so be sure to have your invitations reflect the colors your party will have. Princess themed parties are so popular that you can easily find and purchase princess invitations at any party store. All you will have to do is fill in the blanks with all the specific details.

Add a Ribbon:

You can punch two holes in the top of the invitation, side by side, about three inches apart. Thread a pink or white ribbon through the holes and tie a bow. This adds a beautiful embellishment to your invitation.

However, you may want to give a try at designing your own invitations. If you have access to card-making or scrapbooking software, take a look at the clip art they include for your use. Princess is such a popular theme they are bound to have some clip art you can use. Start with a pink background, and add in some clip art. Use the text tool to add in the details.

Perhaps you are having a specific Princess party, like one of the Disney princesses. If so, be sure to add the character to the invitations. You can find many Disney stickers of the princesses at your local scrapbooking or craft store.

Are your invitations being hand-delivered? If so, consider this creative idea. Have each invitation look like a royal scroll. Type the details using a Proper Royal Font (try Parchment or Papyrus fonts if you have it). Print this out on a cream colored thin paper. Glue a wooden dowel to the top and bottom of the invitation. You can purchase wooden dowels at Home Depot or Lowes, and cut them down to size. Making them about one inch larger than the width of the invitation works nicely. Then, roll up the invitation, tie with a bit of ribbon, and hand-deliver your princess scroll invitation!

Princess Party Ideas: Decorations

Decorating with pretty pastels looks very feminine and princess-like! My had a Disney princess party for my daughter when she was three. I covered the cake table with a pink tablecloth, and had a bunch of pastel colored helium balloons on the table.

princess birthday party

Sprinkling some glitter (fairy dust) on the table looks very pretty too! Fresh flowers in vases also add a beautiful feel for a princess birthday party.

You can make a lot of beautiful decorations using pastel colored netting. You can use it to create large netting pom poms, which look beautiful hanging at different levels from the ceiling, above the party table. You can also use it to create a beautiful swag all around the party table, and across the doorway the guests enter.

Be sure to create a birthday banner for the guest of honor too. I created a printable princess birthday banner that is free for you to use. If you would like to download the PDF file, simply click on the banner image below.

princess party birthday banner

Princess Party Ideas: Cake

There are so many beautiful princess birthday cakes for you to explore. Simply type in princess cakes in your Internet’s browser search bar and try an image search. There are so many fun ideas!

Bakeries often have much experience making princess cakes and will probably have several different types to choose from, or try making your own.


One idea I love is to create a castle on top of the cake, using upside down ice cream cones. You can use cake cones (for a flat top) and sugar cones (for a pointed top). You can then add frosting to the cones to decorate them even more.

A simple idea you can do yourself is to place a tiara right on top of the cake. All you have to do is frost the cake pink, add on the tiara, and maybe some lettering and borders with a frosting tip. Easy, and beautiful!

Princess Party Ideas: Party Food

Finger sized foods that can be picked up works very nicely for this type of party. You can serve little breads, muffins, and princess shaped cookies (think tea party foods).

Pink lemonade or Raspberry ginger ale makes a wonderful drink that matches all the décor.

If you are serving a main dish, sandwiches work nicely. Cut them into small squares and stick a pretty sandwich pick through each one to keep the presentation beautiful. Try serving a vegetable tray, and a tray of fruit kabobs.

Princess Party Ideas: Games and Activities

Pin the Tiara on the Princess – You can print out a poster size image of your regular printer using the free software called PosteRazor. Then, just make multiple copies of the tiaras, print each child’s name on on each one, and use a scarf as the blindfold.

Walk Like a Princess – Have the girls line up, and place a book on top of each of their heads. Have them walk as gracefully as possible to the other side of the room without the book falling. If it falls, they must go back to the start line and try again. The first child to get to the finish line without their book dropping wins.

Princess Relay – If you have some princess dress up clothes, this relay works great! Create two teams, that will race against one another. Have each child race to one end of the room, where they must quickly put on an entire outfit of princess dress up clothes. You can include clip on earrings, jewelry, a tiara, dress up shoes, and a wand! They must then strut back to the beginning of the line, doing their best princess walk, and strike a pose. Then, they should run back to where they got dressed and quickly take off their princess clothes, run back to the start line, and tag the next girl in line. This is really funny and cute to watch, so have your camera ready!

Disney Princess Trivia – This game can be played by older kids, or try passing it out to the parents at the party to keep them busy! See how much trivia they know. You can easily find questions to ask (along with the answers) by visiting IMBD. When you search for any movie on this site, there is a link on the page for trivia. Or, try thinking of some questions/answers yourself.

Princess Crafts – There are many craft kits available that allow you to decorate your own tiara or wand. You can also try to make your own necklace. Take a stroll to your local craft store and see what they have. The Foamies brand offers a lot of craft kits that have everything you need already included, you just supply the glue.

Princess Party Ideas: Favors

You can make your own party favor bags by purchasing some inexpensive, solid colored, paper bags. You can decorate them up using an image from the internet, stickers, and gem stickers.

princess party favor bags

Here’s some princess party ideas of fun things to fill those party bags up with: candy, princess fruit snacks, princess stickers, dress up jewelry, a tiara, lip balm, or hair clips.

I hope you enjoyed these princess party ideas!

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