Party Invitation Ideas

You can really get creative with party invitation ideas. I've seen so many great ways to invite guests to come to your event, and I share some of them with you here.

A good party invitation should set the mood of the event. A formal party should have a formal invitation, and a casual party should have a casual invitation.

Whether formal or casual, the invitation needs to be sent out in advance to give guests enough notice to fit the event into their schedule. There are different thoughts on this, but I recommend sending invitations out one month in advance. People lead very busy lives these days so having advance notice can only help! The exception is for weddings. Wedding invitations should be sent two months prior to the special date.

An invitation must also state the date and time of the occasion, and the place. Other things often included are who the party is for, who it is given by, and RSVP date and contact information. I also like to include as many details as possible on the invitation so my guests know what to expect, such as what time the food will be served, etc.

toucan cricut invitation

So we know what the invitation must include, but where do we begin on designing our own? If you would like to make the invitations yourself, I include a variety of printable party invitations that I have designed. I also take you step by step on how I create these invitations if you would like to customize your own.

I also have some unique invitation ideas that fit specific party themes. Howinvitations in a bottle about rolling an invitation up into a corked bottle for a luao party? You get the idea!

If you are having a holiday party, I also have some creative invitation ideas for you! For instance, browse my collection of Halloween invitation ideas, including a free printable invitation!


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