Kids Birthday Party Ideas

This page is packed with kids birthday party ideas to make party planning a breeze! This article guides you through the planning process, step by step.

As you read, you will find links that go to specific birthday party themes for kids. Each of these pages have a lot more detailed information to help you plan, including photos and cake ideas. Take your time and explore them all. You'll be full of kids birthday party ideas very soon!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Step 1

Pick the Date and Time of the Party

Begin the process by figuring out what day you would like to host your party on. You will want to give your guests at least two weeks notice before the event, so you really should begin planning at least one month before so you are not rushed.

If you are booking a place for the party (a bounce house, for example), you will probably need a lot more notice to reserve the date you would like.

Saturdays and Sundays work best for kids party, so it doesn't interfere with school work (for the older ones). However, the date really depends on those you are inviting. Keep their schedules in mind. For example, for toddlers it makes sense to have a party during a weekday... if they have a stay at home mom and dad. If there are key guests that you really want to be there, check their schedule first before you set the date. This only works if you have a small guest list. Do not go crazy trying to accommodate everyone!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Step 2

Decide if Your Child Wants a Theme

As you go through kids birthday party ideas, you may want to have a theme. However, don't feel like you have to have a theme. Talk to your child to see if they want one. If this isn't your thing, not to worry. Having some balloons, streamers, presents, and cake is all you need to make your child's birthday a blast.

However, I have found that the party will be very memorable to your child and the party guests when you have a theme to the party. I have also found it makes the party planning somewhat easier, because you have a direction to follow for decorations, games, party favors, and the cake! So don't shy away from it. There are plenty of kids birthday party ideas for themes here to help you out, and it actually makes the planning easier.

Below you will see a list of creative themes for kids, many with links to new pages. Take some time to browse through them, and see if one may fit for your child. I have included a lot of information on the themes I have done for my kids in years past. However, since I only have two kids, I would love it if you also share any themes you have used in the past, so we can all learn from you (and build up this list!)

Kids Birthday Party Ideas Themes

cupcake Candyland Birthday Party
A sweet theme, that any child would love! Great for a Sweet 16 party too!

cupcake Cars Birthday Party
If your child loves Disney Pixar Cars, then they will love this themed party!

cupcake Deep Sea Birthday Party
An example of how you can pull off almost any theme. This party included deep sea monsters and squid as the decorations!

cupcake Dinosaur Party Ideas
Dinosaurs are a favorite among many kids! Learn tips on how to throw a great Dino themed party.

cupcake Elmo Birthday Party
Young ones at heart with love this Sesame Street themed party, with Elmo taking center stage.

cupcake Lion King Birthday Party
This party is full of animals prints, face painting, and animal games!

cupcake Pirate Party Ideas
This is a popular theme for both kids and adults alike. Here I share my tips on decorating, treasure hunt games, cake ideas, and how to dress like a pirate.

cupcake Princess Party Ideas
If your little girl dreams of being a princess you can make her dreams come true with this Princess themed party.

cupcake Rainforest Birthday Party
Turn your house into a jungle and decorate with lots of rainforest animals, like tree frogs, monkeys, and toucans, to name a few!

cupcake Scooby Doo Birthday Party
Try to solve a mystery at this party, just like the Mystery Crew!

cupcake Snowman Birthday Party
This is fun themed party to have during the winter months! Build a snowman inside, and serve snowball ice-cream!

cupcake Superman Birthday Party
Superheros will love this party that is out of this World!

cupcake Tea Party Ideas
Here's an opportunity for your child to get all dressed up, enjoy some desserts, and practice good etiquette.

cupcake Under the Sea Birthday Party
This theme involves decorating with fish and all things from the ocean. This party includes a fun birthday cake idea using Swedish fish and chocolate rocks!

cupcake Wild West Horse Party
If your child is in love with horses, this party is for you!

Do you have any kids birthday party ideas you would like to share? Please use the form near the bottom of the page. Thank you in advance!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Step 3

Plan out the Food You Will Serve

If you plan out your menu early you can generate a shopping list immediately and it will make the day run so much smoother. I like to serve foods that I can make the day before, and can be easier warmed up or served immediately on party day.

Children prefer finger sized, kid-friendly foods. You can make it yourself, or make it easy on yourself by ordering some food.

Party Tip:

Serve finger foods that do not require utensils. I haven't found a kid yet that doesn't love these Pigs in a Blanket!
The most popular food to serve by far is pizza! Most kids love it, including picky eaters. You may want to have a salad too, or vegetable tray. Most of the kids birthday parties I have attended have just served pizza. It is also the most served foods at the planned birthday parties that you will find at bouncy houses, arcades, etc.!

pigs in a blanket

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Step 4

Decide on the All Important Birthday Cake

For my two daughters, that most important thing for the whole party is the birthday cake! Maybe this isn't the case for all kids, but for mine the whole party revolves around it!

superman birthday cake

I really enjoy making birthday cakes myself. I don't get very fancy with the cake mix, I usually just use a boxed cake mix and it tastes great. But I do like to get creative with decorating cakes. For plenty of these cake decoration ideas, please visit the link.

If baking isn't your thing and you want to keep things simple, most local bakeries and grocery stores can create a cake for you using the colors and theme you want.

In fact, if you are stuck on picking a theme, sometimes it helps to pick out the cake first. You can visit your local bakery. Most have a book you can browse through that shows all the cakes they can make. Have your child go with you and pick one out (in fact, place your pre-order right then and there so you will be all done... one less thing to do!) Then, you can base your theme on the design your cake is!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Step 5

Plan out the Party Games!

To see a whole list of kids birthday party games, with full directions, just visit the link. These are general birthday party games. If you have picked a specific theme from the list above, you will find games related to the theme on those pages too. Be sure to include at least one game for any child's birthday under the age of 8. They just love it!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Step 6

Create the Invitations

You do not want to create your invitation until you have most of the party planned out, which is why this step is added later in the process. This is because you will want to incorporate the theme on the invitation. The invite tells the guests what to expect.

You can buy ready made invitations where you write in the information, orscooby doo birthday invitation you can create your own on the computer. Be sure to include the date and starting time, and anything else you may want your guest to know. For example, if you are requesting each child bring something or to dress up in costume, this is the time to write it down on the invitation.

If you are having a summer party and there are water activities planned, you will want to tell the children to pack their swimsuit. See why it is best to make the invite last?

Be sure to mail your invitation at least two weeks in advance. Be sure to ask them to R.S.V.P to your invitation so you will know how many children to expect.

I also find it helpful, for a child's party, to include extra information for the parents. If you expect the parents to stay during the party, be sure to state that. It is also OK to let them know on the invitation if you are fine with them leaving their child too. The more information you provide the better!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Step 7

Figure out the Extras, such as...

Goodie bags/Party Favors:

Although you do not have to send a bag of treats home with each guest, I have to admit by daughters seldom attend a party that does not. It is becoming more the norm to give away a goodie bag. You can keep it simple. All year long I am constantly on the lookout for cheap little toys and goodies that I can buy to place in these bags. Start early on these so you are not rushing at the last minute.

I usually use regular brown lunch bags and decorate the outside with the theme from the party. I use my computer to print out images from the theme (Superman logo, for example) and each child's name. I then glue these on the bags. The bags makes a pretty table decoration too. You can also purchase little plastic bags at the party store or craft store which are made specifically for this purpose.

party favor bags

These bags are usually filled with candy and small toys.


If you are playing games you may also decide to give away small wrapped gifts as prizes. There is always the risk that some children to maybe get their feelings hurt if they didn't win. Use your judgment here.

I have solved this problem in the following way. I have a prize for each child. The winner of the game gets to pick a prize out of the basket first (however, all the prizes are wrapped so they cannot see what they are getting anyhow). The child who came in second gets to pick next, etc. This works great for races and other games where there is a clear order of winners. For other games, the winner sits out and the game is played again with the other children until a new winner is called. Just an idea, as it has worked well for me in the past.

Thank You Notes:

It is always nice to have your thank you notes already bought and ready to go. This way you and your child can work on filling them out together soon after the party, without having to run out to buy some.

It is very important to send a thank you note to each child that attends the party.

I hope that you have enjoyed these kids birthday party ideas! Please feel free to share any of your own ideas too!

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