Kids Birthday Party Games

Below is my list kids birthday party games! Every game is categorized by age group and has the complete directions. Some even include free printables so you will have everything you need.

Every kids party should include games, or activities to keep them busy. Children enjoy the planned structure and it keeps the party organized and moving along.

I have found that to avoid hurt feelings and tears, it is wise to offer a prize or reward for every child playing the kids birthday party games. You could still have a winner of the game, but being the winner allows that child to pick their wrapped prized first. The child that came in second will be next to choose a prize, and so on.

Even using this method, the last child may feel upset. For that reason, many of these games have been structured to be non-competitive and allows every child to get a prize.

However, if you know the children well and feel they would benefit from some competition, you can structure the prize awards for the kids birthday party games in any matter you feel fit.

Below are the kids birthday party games, listed by age category.

Kids Birthday Party Games & Activities: Ages 1-3

Kids birthday party games have to be age appropriate for these little ones. Each of these games is short which is perfect for their attention span.

cupcake Find the Balloon Game

This game is perfect for the wee little ones! Similar to an Easter egg hunt, hide partially blown up balloons all around the house, inside or out. Give each child a bag and have them all go on a balloon search. As each child finds a balloon, he or she adds it to her bag. The child with the most balloons win. A variation of this game is to number the balloons with a marker. You could have a wrapped prize that is also numbered. The children can turn in their balloons at the end for the wrapped prizes.

cupcake Floating Ducky Game

This activity should be set up outside, and the children may get a little wet. Fill a small kiddie pool with about two inches of water. On the bottom of several floatable toys (rubber ducks work great), write a number with a permanent number. On some toys, you may choose to write "Sorry, try again". Float all the toys in the water and have the children take turns fetching a toy. To make it more challenging (depending on the child's age) you can supply a small net or scooper to try to fetch the toys. The child then turns over the toy to reveal the number. If they draw a "Sorry, try again", the child returns the toy to the water and tries for another toy. The child then wins a small wrapped prize marked with the corresponding number on them. When all the children have played, they can open up their prizes together.

cupcake Shaving Cream Activity

This is an activity, not a game, but I have found that the little ones just love this! Cover a table with a disposable plastic tablecloth. Cover the little ones with an old t-shirt, paint smock, or make your own out of a garbage bag. Have the children gather around the table and squeeze out mound of shaving cream in front of each child. You can add a few drops of food coloring to it if you like. Provide wooden craft sticks and cookie cutters and let them go to town on making artistic creations on the table with the shaving cream. You can even transfer their designs on a piece of freezer paper by placing it face down on top of their shaving cream drawing. Remove the paper and hang it up to dry.

cupcake Bubble Fun

Kids this age love playing with bubble solution. Place a small dish bin outside and fill it with about two inches of bubble solution. Supply different sized bubble wands and bubble makers. You can also make your own wands by bending pipecleaners into loops.

cupcake Fishing Game

This game requires a bit of prep work on your part. Create fishing rods by tying some yarn around the end of an unsharpened pencil. On the end of the yarn, glue on a strong magnet button. Make a fishing rod for each child. The longer the yarn is, the more challenging the fishing game will be. Cut out fish shapes from construction paper. Number each fish with marker. Haave some fish say "Try Again" Glue or tape a paperclip to the front of each fish. To play the game, have children take turns "fishing" for fish. If it says "Try Again", they must keep fishing. Once they find a fish with a number, they will win a wrapped prize that is marked with the corresponding number.

Kids Birthday Party Games: Ages 4-7

What a fun age group this is for kids birthday party games! They really enjoy them at this precious age.
cupcake Dig for Gold

This game goes great with a Western themed party, like a horse party or cowboy/cowgirl party. If you have a sandbox, you'll get to use it. If not, fill a large container, like a dish wash bin, with clean playsand. Bury several pennies in the sand. Give each child a ziploc bag and some shovels and dish strainers. Let them have fun digging for gold! The child with the most pennies wins a prize.

cupcake Dig for Treasure

This is very similar to digging for gold (see above), except you can add an extra element of fun! Buy some acrylic gems and Plaster of Paris at the craft store. Before the party, make up the Plaster of Paris according to the directions on the package. Dip each gem in the Plaster of Paris, then remove it and spread them out on wire racks to dry. Once dry, bury these plaster covered gems in the sand. The children can now be archeologists. After the children have found and filled a bag of gems, give them old toothbrushes to "polish" off the gems, exposing their beauty.
cupcake Balloon Messages

This game can be used to fit almost any theme. The concept is to write an action that each child must act out, on a small slip of paper. This paper is then inserted into a balloon, then the balloon is blown up and tied. The children take turns finding balloons around the house, popping them, and acting out the action on the slip of paper. Here are examples of how you can fit a theme: If you are having a Disney princess party, the action could be "Sing like Ariel", or for a Sesame Street Party it could say "Sing and dance the alphabet song like Big Bird". You get the idea. You can make the actions as outrageous as you want!

cupcake Where's the Prize?
For this game there will only be one winner. Wrap a small gift, such as a pack of baseball cards, a necklace, a toy watch. Place the wrapped gift inside a box that is a bit larger, and gift wrap that box too. Find another box that is slightly larger, and placed the wrapped gift inside, and yep, wrap that one too! If you can manage to find enough boxes in increasing sizes, this makes for a really fun game. Ideally, you should have the prize nestled in as many boxes as there are children playing.

To play: Have the children sit in a circle, and have them pass around the large wrapped gift around while music is playing. When the music stops, have that child open the present, and then start the music up again and have them pass the gift. Next time, stop the music when the gift reaches another child (so everyone has a turn unwrapping). You can time the music to land on the birthday boy or girl to open the final gift if you like!
cupcake Midnight Prizes
Wrap various presents and prizes in aluminum foil, and then hide these wrapped prizes in a very dark room. A basement works perfect for this game. Place the prizes in corners of the room, or tucked within furniture, but be sure a little bit of the foil is visible. Send children in, two at a time, to the basement. Give each child a flashlight. Have them "hunt for their prizes" by shining their flashlights around the room. They should be looking out for the twinkling of a present! They get to find and pick out one prize. When all the children have had a turn, allow them to open up their prizes together!

Note: Do be sure they are not afraid of the dark. If a child is too afraid, allow them to go present hunting with the lights on.

Kids Birthday Party Games: Ages 8-12

Kids birthday party games need a little more challenge for the older kids! Here's a few suggestions on games and activities you can do with them.
cupcake Riddle Hunt

This games requires some advance preparation and some creativity on your part. The goal is to come up with riddles, which you will write on small pieces of paper. Each riddle should be about something (or someplace) in your house or yard. Tape or hide each riddle around the house, leading the children on a journey. At the end, they can find a wrapped prize!

cupcake Cookie Decorating

This activity is really fun, and children seem to love activities that involve eating! Ahead of time, bake some cut-out sugar cookies. Provide different colors of frosting in frosting pastry bags each with a different style frosting tip. Also provide small sugar and candy decorations. It is fun to also provide small M&M's, chocolate chips, or Skittles. Although any age will have fun with this activity, the older children will take their time to really make their cookies beautiful.

I hope that you enjoyed these kids birthday party games! If you have any kids birthday party games of your own, would you please share them with us? Many thanks!

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