Wild West Horse Party

A wild west horse party is fun theme to pull off… there are so many fun things you can do with decorations! My daughter is really into horses, so one year we had a horse themed party for her. The problem was she wasn’t at all into having a Western theme though. I was so excited to decorate with little cacti, cowboy hats, and lassos. So I was a little stumped on what to do.

I ended up making her party with more girly colors, and just focusing on the horses. Although I did add in some Western flair here and there, and I’m going to share all the ideas I did have for making this a Western party. You can pick and choose what ideas you may like best.

Horse Party Invitations

I designed the invitations on the computer, and it featured a beautiful horse and all the party details. I kept it pretty simple.

If this is Western themed party, be sure to use a Western Saloon looking font (Playbill font works nicely). You could even cut the invitation to look like a cowboy boot! Another Western look is to include a photo of your child on the front and make it look light a WANTED sign. You can create some great effects with your photos (try Sepia).

Horse Party Decorations

Sometimes I make my color scheme match the table coverings I own! Instead of having to rush out to buy a brown tablecloth, I used a bright blue plastic tablecloth that I had (the disposable kind that comes as a roll). My daughter wanted a more girly look to this horse party so the color worked well.

horse party

horse decorations

I found some toy horses that my daughter had and placed them on the cake table.

I also cut a horseshoe shape using the Cricut (or you can cut them out freehand) and hung these from the ceiling with thread. I made a horse birthday banner too!

Horse Party Favor Bags

I took brown sandwich bags and filled them with little surprises, like candy and horse stickers. I also bought each child a little cloth bag of Gold Mine Gold Nugget shaped bubble gum. The kids loved this surprise, and it fit well with the Western theme I was trying to subtly incorporate.

horse party favor bag

I decorated the bag with a photo I printed from the Internet of a horse, and typed in each child’s name. I punched a hole near the top of the bag and threaded some twine through and tied it. Near the knot I glued on a little paper horseshoe.

Horse Cake

I decorated this cake using the buttercream transfer technique. It is a very easy way to get a detailed design on a cake by tracing! I found a coloring page of a horse I liked, and used it as the pattern.

horse cake

I’ve also seen cakes that are shaped like a horseshoe, but you will need a special shaped cake pan for this.

Wild West Horse Party Games and Activities

Old Fashioned Photo Booth

If this was a Western themed party, I would have set up an old fashioned photo booth station. You can make one yourself, but you will need dress up clothes. If you have some old fashioned clothing, great! If your child is into cowboys and cowgirls perhaps they have a costume or accessories they like to wear? All it takes is a vest, some jeans, a bandana for around the neck, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

Create a clear area to be the photo booth. Against a solid colored wall would work, or you can create a back drop by hanging up a blanket or a tablecloth. If it is nice weather, perhaps you could find a suitable place outside. In front of a tree, or in front of a wooden fence would look great.

Add a few props, like a wood stump to sit on, or a small bench. During this activity, let the kids take turns dressing up. Take a photo of each child with a digital camera. You can turn the photo into an old time looking photo using many different apps (try Instagram) or photo editing software. The Sepia filter instantly gives photos an old-timey feel.

You can edit and print the photos while the kids are at the party, or wait until later and include the photos in their thank you notes!

Panning For Gold

This activity was a huge hit at our party. My original idea was to have small kiddie pool, or other type of plastic tub, filled with sand and gravel, with about two inches of water covering it. Within the gravel, I would hide small acrylic beads and gems! The kids could then “pan for gold” using a colander or other type of strainer.

panning for goldMy husband took off with a new idea. Our family had recently visited an amusement park that featured a long meandering tunnel with water flowing down it. The park sold bags of gravel that children could pour into the water running tunnel, allow the water to wash away the sand, to reveal small treasured stones they could keep. My daughter had loved it, so my husband tried to imitate this idea.

He built two u-shaped tunnels out of wood. Wepanning for gold propped one up like a slide, and inserted our garden hose at the top. The water would run out, on to the second u shaped bin (which was a bit wider). The bottom bin is where the kids could pour out their gravel bags and start sifting.

I found little wire mesh baskets at the dollar store that were the perfect size for each child to use. The kids really had a blast and it kept them busy for some time!

panning for gold

Pin the Tail on the Horse

This one fits the theme quite well. You can buy a horse poster or print out one yourself. Create tails out of yarn and tie the yarn strings in a bunch at the top. Make a sticky circle of duct tape near the base of the tail to stick each tail to the poster. The poster may rip from the tape, so be prepared that it will be used for this game only and probably thrown out.

I hope you enjoyed these horse party ideas!

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