Elmo Birthday Party

An Elmo birthday party is perfect for a preschool age child. You can have a Sesame street themed birthday party and have your child's favorite character take center stage.

For my daughter, her favorite character was Elmo. We had a stuffed Elmo that we placed on the table, and he was on the cake and the party favor bags, but the rest of the decorations were Sesame street themed!

Elmo Birthday Party Decorations

You can use bold, bright, primary colors for this party, like red and yellow. Green also looks great for Sesame Street!

Elmo birthday party

As you can see, I keep my decorations pretty simple. I covered the cake table with a bright red tablecloth, and placed a few helium balloons on the table, held down with a balloon weight.

How to Make a Sesame Street Sign

The main decoration of the table was the Sesame Street Sign I made myself, and it was quite easy.

You will need:

Empty paper towel tubes
Green paint
Hot glue gun
Solid colored wrapping paper
A small box to serve as the base
Small piece of cardboard for the sign
White letter stickers (or paint them on with white paint)
Small white balloon


1. Paint the paper towel tube with green paint, and allow to dry.

2. Cover the small box that will serve as the base with a solid colored wrapping paper (or you can paint it too).

3. Cut a hole in the top of the box, the same diameter as the paper towel tube. Insert the paper towel tube in this hole so it is standing straight (you may wish to anchor this with tape).

4. Make a rectangle sign that says "SESAME STREET" out of cardboard. You can paint this green, or cover it with a piece of green cardstock that is cut to the same size. You can use white letter stickers, or paint on the letters carefully.

5. Attach the sign to the paper towel tube, near the top, with a hot glue gun.

6. Blow up a small white balloon to be the lamp. Tie it off and put the knot inside of the top fo the paper towel tube. A bit of scotch tape should secure it nicely.

Sesame Street sign

Elmo Birthday Party Cake

Here's the cake I made. I know, it isn't the best. I just do my best! This was before I knew about the buttercream transfer technique, which I now use on almost all my cakes!

I drew Elmo on the cake, free-hand. I did this with a toothpick, etching into the frosting. Once I like it, I pipe in the lines with black frosting using a small round tip.

I then filled in Elmo with frosting stars, using a star tip. I used a Red Hot candy for his nose!

Elmo birthday cake

Elmo Birthday Party Games

Elmo birthday party games are usually geared for the youngest age groups, ages 1 - 4. So, keep it simple and stick to the easy classics. You can always change the name of the games to match the theme. Here are some examples:

Elmo Says: Just like "Simon Says", but replace with "Elmo Says".

Pin the Nose of Elmo: You can make a poster of Elmo by using a free program called PosteRazor, which allows you to print a large image on multiple sheets of paper. You can then tape together the standard size paper sheets to create a poster. You can use large red pom poms for the nose, if you like. Just use a strong Glue-Dot on each pom-pom so it sticks well.

Dorothy's Goldfish Relay: Divide the kids up into two teams, and have them form two lines. Have a bowl of goldfish crackers on the floor at the front of the line, with another bowl a distance away. Provide each team with a spoon. Each child must spoon up some goldfish, and run with them to the other bowl and dump them in. They run back to their next team mate and had them the spoon for the next person to try. The first team to fill up their goldfish bowl wins!

I hope you have enjoyed these Elmo birthday party ideas! Please feel free to share some of your ideas with us all too!


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