Deep Sea Birthday Party

A deep sea birthday party?! My daughter Madison loves anything that has to do with the sea. In fact, she wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. Funny, because that is exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up too. Like mother, like daughter.

And I just love that she has this respect and admiration for the ocean. She loves learning about sea animals. When she goes to the library, instead of fiction books she picks fish books, or books about sharks, or books about squid.

So I guess I should not have been surprised when she announced that she wanted a deep sea birthday party theme. But I was. I said, "oh, an under the sea party, like we did for Paige's 1st year party?" . "No", she said. "I want a deep sea birthday party, and I want a squid on my cake!"

Now how was I supposed to pull this one off? Here was my attempt and how the party ended up.

Birthday Party Table Decorations

I used a solid deep blue table covering for the table. I have found that buying these plastic disposable tablecloths on a roll is the most economical. I store a few primary colors in our attic and I find that I can use them year and year for a party theme. I just used solid blue and solid blue napkins for the cake and ice cream.

ocean birthday party

I decorated the table with things I already had (or my daughter already had since she is so into fish). We had a little wooden boat already, and placed my daughter's stuffed squid on it! I also placed a few shells and a sand dollar that we had on the table. I did helium balloons in black, blue, and purple.

squid decoration

Party Tip:

Display a framed photo of the guest of honor on the party table.

I displayed a recent photo collage of my daughter on the table too. It makes for a nice table decoration and makes the guest of honor feel extra special!

fish party table decorations

The other thing we did was printed out deep sea creatures, cut them out, and hung them all over walls. Some were hanging from string from the ceiling, as if they were swimming.

My mother-in-law is an excellent artist, and she got very creative with our window coloring crayons. She created an entire deep sea scene on our sun room door!

deep sea scene

Party Favor Bags

I used solid blue paper bags for the party favor bags. I printed out a photo of a deep sea animal (which I found on the Internet), and added each child's name to the front. I then used some white rope and threaded it through two holes I punched at the top of each bag, and tied them in a knot. The effect make these bags look nautical.

nautical party favor bags

Party Tip:

You can easily make party bags to match your party theme yourself. Use regular paper bags and glue on a photo that matches the theme from free Internet clip art.

Inside I included Swedish Fish gummy treats and other fish shaped hard candies, as well as fish stickers, a fish pencils, and fish erasers.

Squid Birthday Cake

I was nervous about making this cake. I knew I had to make it because I thought odds would be slim that a bakery would make a squid birthday cake (or at least a bakery I could afford).

However, I'm in love with the butter cream transfer technique. It is a technique I use for a lot of my cakes. It always anyone to create a work of art on a cake, by tracing an image from a coloring page.

This is exactly what I did for the squid cake. I found a clip art image of a squid I liked on the Internet, and I printed out a reverse image. I taped wax paper over it, then traced the pattern with black butter cream icing and filled in it. After a few hours in the freezer, the frosting layer was ready to add the cake!

Party Tip:

Use the butter cream transfer technique to make any cake fit any theme by tracing, no artistic talent is required!

Around the edge of the cake I added some candy rocks. They are these candy coated chocolates that look exactly like rocks and pebbles!

squid cake

Deep Sea Birthday Party Games

I had to get creative coming up with a deep sea party game! Luckily the party was in the summer so we were able to do some water games.

We did a deep sea birthday party game in our pool. I threw in small plastic deep sea creatures to the bottom of the pool (my daughter has a quite a collection of plastic fish figurines). I gave each child a swim mask, and asked them to dive deep into the ocean and find as many creatures as they could. I timed each child with a stop timer. Each child went one at a time, and I recorded their time.

It was really fun to watch them do this activity! Obviously this game is suited for older kids that know how to swim underwater, but if you have a pool this game is a hit!

Pulling off a deep sea birthday party was definitely the most difficult theme I've had to do, but we all had a really good time and it allowed me to get a bit creative.

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