Creative Party Theme Ideas

Creative party theme ideas? I have found there are two groups of party people. Those that like to have a “theme” to a party and those that don’t. Whichever you choose is perfectly OK!

Since you came to this page, you probably belong to the first group. Having a theme for a party is great! It makes your event more memorable. It makes your event more unique.

Party Tip:

Having a theme can actually make planning easier, since you have a direction to take your party.

In my experience, I have found that having a theme makes the party planning easier. If I have an theme in mind, it helps me make decisions easier for decorations, food, and games. For instance, I have come up with new games for my daughters' birthday parties just based on the theme. These ended up being really fun games that I completely made up and would not have thought of before. If I didn't have a theme, I would have just been playing the old stand-bys, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey (which is fine by the way, but you get the idea!) This page will help you gather some creative party theme ideas.

Children seem to really enjoy having a theme for their birthday parties. pirate theme partyMy daughters get so excited about their theme, that they are already thinking about what they want for the next year right after their birthday party! Using creative party theme ideas helps your child remember their birthday party too, especially in those early years (age 3, 4, and 5). If you are specifically looking for kids party themes, refer to my kids parties page which has lots of ideas.

Using creative party theme ideas doesn't have to be complicated; it could be as simple as choosing a color scheme. Even if you just pick a color, you will know how to coordinate your balloons, streamers, invitations, plates, napkins, etc. for a beautiful party!

Below you will find many creative party theme ideas for adults, teenagers, or children. Some only need a small description, while others include a link to a whole new page with lots of details and party photos.

You will also find creative party theme ideas to give you a reason to throw a party! These types of parties are truly unique and parties that will be remembered.

Here's an example: When we found our old ATARI (a game system from the early 80's) we thought it would be fun to get people together to play it again. So we had an 80's party. We told people to dress up for the decade and be prepared to compete with some classic ATARI games. It may have been goofy but it was a unique party that everyone enjoyed.

The list below contains some creative party theme ideas to get you started:

Creative Theme Party Ideas

Creative party theme ideas

cupcake 60's party
Fun bright colors, and you can ask guests to dress up like the era (hippies, flower girls, go go girls, you get the idea). Play music for that time period. You can even incorporate a tie-dye activity to make your own shirts.

cupcake 70's party
This is a fun time period too, with bell bottoms, feathered hair, and big sunglasses. Think disco: Play music like ABBA and the Bee Gees and try to find a disco ball!

cupcake 80's party
The music from this era will make the party! The clothes styles were pretty crazy too which always makes a party like this tons of fun. Decorate the house with photos of nostalgia toys, like ATARI, Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kids, etc. Your guests will have fun remembering the old times. The young ones won't know what you are talking about.

cupcake Board Game Party
Invite a few close friends and play board games all night. Invite them to bring some of their favorites they own.

cupcake Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas
Hawaiian Luau invitationsThis is a fun theme. Guests can dress up with hawaiian shirts and dresses. You can purchase inexpensive leis to give every guest as they come in. You can serve fun island drinks and play Jimmy Buffet or island music. You can even hire someone to come in and do a pig roast in your backyard, or hire someone to play the steel drums. Try the limbo too! Click on the link for more detailed ideas.

cupcake Hollywood Theme Party
Ask your guests to dress up like their favorite movie star. Have a red carpet leading into your house, which will just be a red walkway liner you can buy at a party store. You can have movie posters all over the wall and play movie trivia.

cupcake Home Movie Party
movie party
I love this party and do it quite often with my family. I take (and edit) a lot of home movies, so it is fun to get together once in awhile with family to just watch some old ones! Have them bring over their collection too!

cupcake James Bond Party
This is a classy party! Ask your guests to dress up. Serve martinis and have photos from all the James Bond movies all over the wall. You can have a James Bond movie playing in the background. Play card games or hire a gambling company to bring in a craps table and other table games. You could also play James Bond trivia.

cupcake Monty Python Theme
For fans of the movies, this would be such a fun party to attend! Have each guest pick a Monty Python character (or pull one from a hat a few weeks before, so there are no duplicates). Have each guest dress in character. They must act like that character all night. Have Monty Python movies playing in the background. You can play Monty Python trivia and give away a Holy Grail as a prize!

cupcakePirate Theme Party
pirate boy
Red, black, and white colors, with plenty of skulls, bandanas and eye patches! Tons of fun and relatively easy to pull off. Check out the link above for detailed ideas.

cupcakeRedneck Party Ideas
Dress like a redneck, talk like a redneck, and serve cheap food and drink. Tell redneck jokes. Be careful not to invite any rednecks so no one will be offended.

cupcake Rock and Roll Theme
You can decorate the house with music notes and record albums, hanging from the ceiling. Find or borrow an old record player and ask guests to bring any albums they may still have. Have fun playing and listening to all the old rock and roll music on the record player.

I hope you enjoyed some of these creative party theme ideas and it got you thinking about your next party!

Do you have any creative party theme ideas to share? I'd love to hear about it!


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