Fun Classroom Games for Every Season

Classroom games are a fun part of school holiday parties! Having some holiday inspired activities will keep the kids entertained, and give them some time to relax. Of course, the right classroom games can also teach teamwork, strategies, and hand/eye coordination.

I’ve been a room mother for several of my daughter’s parties. This has given me the chance to help plan and lead several holiday games. I witnessed things that maybe didn’t go so smoothly, and noticed which games the children really enjoyed! I would like to share some of my favorites with you here.

Some of the games need print-outs, which I include for you to download, free of charge. Other games will require some advance preparation.

Finally, scroll down this page to learn about some traditional classroom games that can be played during any time of year. These are perfect breaks for the kids, opportunities to relax during a hard day of learning!

Holiday Classroom Games

candy cornKids Halloween Games - This collection of Halloween games includes favorites that can be played in the classroom, and some for a house party. My favorites for the classroom are Ghost Sucker Relay and the Candy Corn Relay.

candy caneChristmas Party Games - Here you will find a variety of Winter Holiday games you can play in the classroom or at home. The games are categorized for kids and adults. Some of my favorite Christmas party games are Pass the Snowflake and the Surprise Gift game, and the adults will have fun trying to figure out the Christmas Carol Picture Game and the Christmas Movie Line Game!

Valentine’s Day Party Games - (link is coming soon!) This list of classroom games includes the Couples Match Game, Cupid Says, and Conversation Heart Bingo, among many others to choose from.

In addition to these holiday game pages, I have listed a few games that are not specific for a holiday. They can be played at any time during the school day, as a reward or a special break.

Everyday Classroom Games

Four Corners – This is a popular game that students love! As a class, designate each corner of the classroom as 1, 2, 3, and 4. Play begins with the teacher at the front of room, where he/she will turn around with his/her back to the classroom and hide her eyes. The teacher says “Go!” and the rest of the students in the classroom run to a corner of their choosing. The teacher will call out a number 1-4. Anyone that is in the corner called is out of the game, and they must sit back at their desk. Keep playing this, with the same student up front (or it can be the teacher), until there are only four students left. At this point, there is a new rule The four remaining students must pick a new corner each time. The last person standing is the winner, and can be the caller for the next game.

Quiet Ball
– This is a nice quiet game this students love! The goal is to stay quiet. If anyone talks they are out of the game. Have the students sit on top of their desks. A small, soft ball or bean bag is thrown around the room silently. The students must use eye contact or hand motions to know if the ball is intended for them. If they miss catching the ball, they have to sit back down at their desk (unless it was a bad throw; where the thrower would sit down). Game continues to be played until only two students are left.

Digits – This is a game that helps reinforce math skills. You can tailor this game for addition, subtraction, or multiplication. Invite two students at a time to the front of the classroom, and have them face one another. The teacher will count down: “1, 2, 3, DIGITS!”. When the teacher says “DIGITS”, each student put out their hands holding out different amounts of fingers. Whoever says how many fingers the other child is holding out first wins the game. The loser is out, and a new student is invited to come to the front of the room to take on the champion. You can continue to play until only one person is left. This really helps with math facts.

Seven up – This is a favorite of mine, because I remember playing it when I was in elementary school. Seven students are invited to the front of the room. The rest of the students remain at their desks and put their heads down, covering their eyes. The seven students then walk through the classroom, and choose one student at their desk and tap their head. The seven students then return to the front of the classroom. The rest of the students raise their heads, and, if their head was tapped, stand up. They take turns making a guess at which student tapped their head. If they are right, they replace the student at the front of the room for the next round. A variation of this game is to have the kids put their heads down and raise their thumb. The seven students at the front of the room can choose a student by pressing down their thumb.

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