Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Having one this year? Here's some unique Cinco de Mayo party ideas to get your planning started. Cinco de Mayo falls on May 5th every year, and it is a day to celebrate Mexico's heritage. This means it is the perfect day to throw a party and enjoy all that delicious Mexican food and drink. The decorations for this party are very fun and festive too! Here I share decoration and food ideas to make your Cinco de Mayo party a success!

Take a look at the flag of Mexico below. The colors you can use for this party are green, red, and white. Yellow or orange looks great as an accent color too!

flag of Mexico2

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas: Decorations

Table Decorations: Cover the main table with all the food with a solid green, red, orange, or yellow tablecloth. A colorful pinata placed on the table makes a wonderful tabletop decoration, and is easy to pick up at any party store.

You can use balloons and crepe paper streamers in red, green, and white. Place these all around the table and hang them from the ceiling.

Maracas: If you want to go all out and get a bit fancier, having maracas hanging from ribbons suspended from the ceiling would look sensational, or have them scattered on the table. This will even encourage your guests to pick them up and make a little music!

Cacti: Small cactus and succulents in tiny pots would look beautiful on the table, scattered amongst the food dishes. These can even be given away as a favor to each party guest.


Somberos: A sombero, if you can get one, would look great hanging on the wall behind the party table.

You can also purchase small straw hats at the craft store. I'm talking 3 inch straw hats! Yep! They are so cute and tiny, and are often sold in multi-packs. You can turn them into mini somberos. They can be decorated by painting them green, red and white. They look great glued on homemade Cinco de Mayo invitations. You can also place a few on Corona bottles on the party table, or have them scattered by the food.

Mexican Flags: Create small Mexican flags to place all around the table and party area. Right click and save the Mexican flag photo above. Resize the image to a size you like, and print it out several times. Cut out the flags and tape one edge of each one to a wooden skewer. These can be taped to the corners of the tables, poked into cakes or cupcakes, or placed into cups or foam bases. Easy and inexpensive!

Chili Peppers: Dried chili peppers look great too! This takes some ahead of time planning though. You can dry your own and then tie raffia around the stems to create a garland or hang them in a bunch.

Ok, on to more Cinco de Mayo party ideas. Let's move on to discuss the food!

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas: Food

Mmm... the food! Here are some fun Cinco de Mayo party ideas when it comes to party food you can serve.

Taco bar - I love this idea because you can make it ahead of time. Make up the taco meat ahead of time and keep it warm in the crock pot. Then serve up all the fixin's in small bowls on a table. You will want to have chopped onion, chopped tomato, shredded lettuce, black olives, jalapeno peppers, taco sauce, and shredded cheese. Guests can help themselves! You can serve hard and soft tacos.

Nacho bar - Same idea as above, but have nacho chips out instead of shells and tortillas.

Salsa bar - This is a fun idea. There are so many different types of salsa recipes out there, from mild to hot, red to green. A party could simply feature a few of these different salsas (with little signs to let guests know which is which), and a bowl of tortilla chips. This could be the main snack offered (along with Coronas and margaritas of course).

Taco Dip - This recipe is one of my favorites to bring to any party! If you would like to keep the dip neat and tidy, you could layer the dip in individual plastic cups, so each guest takes one. It is the perfect way to avoid double-dipping! Click here for the printable recipe.

Homemade Guacamole: Find a few ripe avocados at the supermarket. Test for ripeness by squeezing them, they should give slightly. Remove the skin and the pit and mash the avocado with a bit of lemon juice and lime juice. You can also add cilantro, cumin, minced jalapeno, or garlic if you prefer; but it isn't necessary (sometimes less is more)! Season with salt and pepper and serve with tortilla chips, or as a topping for the tacos and nachos.

Chicken Enchiladas - You could also serve chicken or beef enchiladas that you are baked. This way you prep them ahead of time, put them in the oven, and they are ready to serve. Keep the casserole dish on a hot plate to keep them warm.

Mexican Flag Appetizer - Try cutting up red bell peppers, green bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese into strips. Arrange these strips on a plate in the form of a Mexican flag. Serve with a veggie dip on the side.

There are many other fun Mexican recipes, and I've only mentioned a few here. Make sure you serve your favorite Mexican food too! Now, on to more Cinco de Mayo party ideas... let's move on to the libations.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas: Drinks

Margaritas: This tequila based cocktail will be expected at a Cinco de Mayomargarita party. Guests may want it on the rocks or frozen (meaning, slushy), so it is a good idea to have both types. Make two batches. One stays cold and is served with ice cubes, and the other batch can be blended with ice until it is slushy. Ask guests whether they want the rim salted or not, because some may not prefer it. They sell margarita salt in convenient tubs to rim margarita glasses, or you can use coarse kosher salt. Serve immediately!


Beer: Have Corona's on hand with slices of lime, and Dos Equis. Negra Modelo is perfect for those that prefer a dark beer, and maybe some Bud Light lime flavor for those that do not prefer an import. By the way, they also make a margarita in a bottle by Bud Light, called Lime-A-Rita!

Tequila: You may want to do a shot with the guests to celebrate the occasion. A favorite is Petron (however, it comes with a hefty price tag)! Otherwise, have some Cuervo, salt, and lemon on hand to do some party shots!

Non-alcoholic: Make up virgin margaritas, which taste great! They can be served with a lime in a pretty margarita glass just like the real ones. You can also serve lemonade to children but use plastic margarita glasses and place a lime slice on the edge.

I hope that you enjoyed these Cinco de Mayo party ideas! Do you have an idea of your own you would like to share?

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