Christmas Party Ideas

You'll find many different Christmas party ideas in this article. From Christmas office party ideas, to your child's school holiday party, I have you covered. Christmas is such a fun time of year!

I'll walk you through the planning process and give you many links along the way for more information. You'll find ideas on games, food, decorations, and more!

Christmas Party Ideas - Step 1:

Set the Date

The holidays get very busy for people. There are school holiday concerts, work office parties, and shopping to do! Plan well in advance and set the date. Inform your guests one month before your party so they can mark it on their calendar.

Do not be offended or surprised. Some of your guests may not be able to come due to other engagements.

You should also set the RSVP to be about one week before the party. If you want them to respond much sooner than that, you may not get an accurate count. Things can come up in December even after they know about your party, and they will have to attend that instead (a child's school performance, for example).

Christmas Party Ideas - Step 2:

Which Holiday Foods to Serve?

When I think of a Christmas party I think of food! The holidays are a time when we tend to over eat, and forget to think about it until the New Year.

There are so many delicious recipes to serve, and decadent desserts and cookies to whip up for Christmas parties. To view my complete list of Christmas food ideas, visit the link and find your favorite.

Participating in a cookie exchange is a fast and easy way to get a variety of cookies to serve at your party.

You could also ask each guest to bring a side dish or their favorite dessert to share. You will have a variety of food in no time, and most guests do not mind bringing something to help out at the party. Don't be afraid to take them up on their offer!

Christmas Party Ideas - Step 3:

Plan Out Your Libations

If you plan to serve alcohol, figure on one drink per hour, per person. Having beer and wine on hand works for most parties. Stick with a domestic beer that most guests will like, nothing too dark or heavy. You can always have some craft beer available too! For wine, you will want to have a white, red, or a blush.

Think ahead to save money. Keep an eye out for weekly beer specials and stock up when its on sale. Many stores offer a discount on wine if you buy a case (12 bottles).

If you also want to provide mixed drinks, there are more things you need to buy and it definitely gets pricier. The basic liquors are vodka, rum, tequila, gin, whiskey, bourbon, scotch and brandy. You will need some mixers too! Like club soda, orange juice, cola, and lemon-lime mix.

Have some soda on hand too for non-drinkers. And plenty of bottled water!!

Christmas Party Ideas - Step 4:

How About Christmas Decorations?

If you are having a Christmas party at your house, your own Christmas decorations that you already have up will be your decorations for this party. Nice that you don't have to do anything extra, right? In fact, I know a set of friends that gathers for a progressive dinner party in December. The whole reason they began this party was to see each others houses all decorated for Christmas.

If you do need a little inspiration, I have made a page full of Christmas decoration ideas. Browse through the page and you'll find some really nice ways to decorate for your party!

Christmas Party Ideas - Step 5:

Any unique Christmas Games to Play?

You may find that you would like to incorporate some Christmas party games into your affair. If so, I have started a list of some fun Christmas party games, and some are printable too!

My favorites are the Christmas Carol Picture Game, and the Christmas movie lines game!
Games are obviously a part of kids Christmas school parties, and you may even like to play some at your work party.

A classic thing to do is to participate in a Christmas gift exchange. Have each guest bring a wrapped gift, that can be intended for anyone. During the party, you can put all the gifts in the center and have each guests choose a wrapped gift. Or, you can have each guest draw the name of another guest so they know who to buy for. Fun!!

Christmas Party Ideas - Step 6:

Send your Invitations

After you have set the date, get the word out about one month prior to your Christmas party. To see how you can create Christmas invitations yourself, visit the link.


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