Fun and Unique Christmas Party Games

Searching for some fun Christmas party games? I'm so glad you made it here, because I have some game ideas that are perfect for any type of Christmas occasion!

Christmas is a holiday filled with family and friend parties. My tried and fun-tested list of Christmas games that appear below are perfect for family gatherings. A game didn't make it on my list if it wasn't FUN, so no worry there!

Keep some of these Christmas party games ready, even if you think you may not play them. If your gathering needs a little pick me up, or the conversation starts to die down, just break out a game! Games instantly add pep and entertainment to any party.

Many of these games are printables, and yes, they are free! You can print one out for each guest, explain the rules, say "go!", and see who gets done first. Or, you don't have to formally play them. I have found it just as fun to print off one game (for instance, the Christmas Carol Picture Game), and leave it on the bar, or other place where you know your guests will come upon it! Instant participation and conversation starter, since friends can work on the questions together while mingling!

free printable christmas games

The following Christmas party games listed below are divided into three categories. Some are just for kids, some are just appropriate for adults, and some are for all ages, meaning both kids and adults can join in on the fun.

Have your own Christmas party games to share? I'd love to hear about them! You can share it using the link at the bottom of the page.

Christmas Party Games for Adults

Date that Toy - Free printable game! You will need to provide a pencil and my printable game sheet for each guest. Have each person look at the picture of the toy, and to make a guess as to the year the toy was released.  This brings back great memories of childhood toys!  The person with the closest year for each toy gets a point. 

Note:  This game is HARD!  For an easier version of the game, just have your players guess the decade the toy came out.  This game is more about getting your guests to remember their favorite childhood toys and envoke some happy conversations about gifts from their past.

Christmas Movie Line Game - Click the link to open my free printable game!  Each guest will need a pencil and my printable movie line game sheet.  This game has lines from classic Christmas movies, old and new.  Each person should write down the title of the Christmas movie they believe the movie line is from.  

Hint: To make the game easier, you can supply the titles of the movies in random order, and guests can try to match them up!

Christmas Party Games for Kids

Pass the Snowflake –  Cut a several snowflakes out of tissue paper, and gather a straw for each child playing.  Divide the children up into two teams, and have each team stand in a single file line.  The child at the beginning of each line should breathe in through their straw to hold a tissue snowflake at the end of it, while “passing” the snowflake to the next child.  The next child must breathe in their straw, while the first child must “let go” of the snowflake for a successful pass.  The children continue passing the snowflake and the teams compete against each other as a relay.  If the snowflake drops, it must go to the end of the line to try again.

pass the snowflake game

HINT:  When the snowflake drops, begin the relay over at the other end of the line, so those children have a chance to pass too!  Otherwise, the beginning children get many turns if the snowflake keeps falling.

Gift Surprise – Children love opening presents and getting surprises, so this is a really fun game for them.  For this game, the children will be rewarded with some type of candy or small toys. gift You will needed to find a series of boxes (4 or 5) that nest within one another.  Place the candy in a small box and wrap it up with holiday wrapping paper.  Place this wrapped present inside another box, and wrap that larger box.  Continue nesting and wrapping the boxes.  It makes it more fun if each box is wrapped in different patterned paper.  To play, have the children sit in a circle and play some music.  The children can pass the wrapped present around the circle.  When the music stops, the child holding the present may open it.  Then, passing of the new present (inside) resumes when the music starts up again.  Continue stopping the music and opening the present, until the candy is revealed. That child is the winner and gets to hand a piece of candy to each child. 

Snowman Drawing Race – This is relay between two groups of children, to see which group can work together to draw a snowman the quickest!  snowmanTo play, tape a large piece of paper to a wall and include a marker nearby.  On a set of index cards, write down a common snowman part on each card, such as:  snowman body, hat, buttons, eyes, carrot nose, mouth, pipe, hat, scarf, twig arms.  Make sure you have enough cards for each child on the team.  When the game begins, the first child runs up to the index card pile and quickly draws a card.  They must draw that part of the snowman quickly, then run back to line.  The second child then runs to the pile of cards and also chooses one to draw.  The team that completes the snowman first wins! The fun part about the game is the parts come up out of order, so a child will have to draw a carrot nose when there is no head yet, for example!

Holiday BINGO – This is a classic go-to game, especially for school parties.  You will need a set of standard BINGO cards to play, but you can make it festive by using red and green M&M’s as BINGO markers.

Holiday Word Search – Click the link to open my free printable holiday word search. This is great as a quiet activity for classrooms or as a time filler for children.  Enjoy!

Christmas Party Games for Any Age

White Elephant Gift Exchange – Everyone brings a gift from home, which they already own, but no longer want.  This is where it can get quite funny… you can choose to bring something pretty hideous, useless, or unusual.  You can choose whether to tell the guests to bring the gifts wrapped or unwrapped, it is up to you.  All the gifts go in the center on the room, and one guest is chosen to go first (you can draw numbers if you like) and that guest chooses a gift.  The second person chooses a gift, or, “steals” the gift the first person had.  If a person’s gift is stolen, they may choose a new gift from the pile, or steal another gift.  One rule: You may not steal back the same present immediately.  You must wait one full turn before having the opportunity to get your gift back.  Play continues until all the last guest has had a chance to choose a new gift, or steal.

Guess the Christmas Carol – This is one of many Christmas party games that is fun, and has two variations.  The first way you can play the game is to create a CD of some popular, and some rare Christmas songs.  Play the first few seconds of the song and then hit pause on your CD player.  Have each guest either shout out the song if they know it, or to write it down.  Bonus points if they know the singer too! This gets fun because some modern artists have redone the old classics, so even if they get the song right, they may not realize it was Faith Hill singing, for example.

The other variation is the play part of the Christmas song, stop the CD, and then randomly call on a person to “recite” or “sing” the next few lines of the song.  They need to get all the words right! You  can start easy, by stopping the song in the middle of  a chorus, and then get harder, by stopping the song during the second verse of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, for example!  Super fun!

Christmas Carol Picture Game – Click the link to open my free printable Christmas Carol Picture Game which shows 24 images.  The object of the game is to guess what Christmas Carol that picture represents.  This is lots of fun! Even if you do not formally play the game with everyone, I have found it is fun to print one off and have it by the bar or on the table for family to see and talk about.  It makes a great conversation piece and activity!

christmas carol picture game

Hint:  If you find the game to be too challenging, you could supply the names of the Christmas carols to your guests in random order, and they can try to "match" the proper carol with the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Christmas party games!

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