Cars Birthday Party

My daughter is a big fan of Disney Pixar's Cars, so she chose to have a Cars birthday party when she was four. I thought I would share with you the decorations I used, the games we played, and the how I carried out this theme.

The colors for this theme are easy since they are common primary colors: red, black, yellow, and white. I have found that if I buy a pack of good quality helium balloons in the primary colors, they can last for many parties! Same goes for solid colored plates, napkins, and tablecloths.

Cars Birthday Cake

This party was before I really starting getting into decorating and making my own cakes. This Cars birthday cake was ordered from the bakery at Giant Eagle, our local grocery store. The main colors were red, black, white, and yellow.

cars birthday cake

The decorations look simple enough to do this yourself. The bakery added a plastic car of Lightning McQueen on top (which of course, they charged an extra fee for).

One great thing about purchasing a cake is it is one less thing you have to do!

Since my local Giant Eagle also has a floral shop which sells helium balloons, it makes it very convenient.

cars balloons

Party Tip:

If you have a local grocery store that has a bakery and floral shop, pre-order your cake and helium balloons and save time by making one stop!

Run up to the store that day, pick up your cake and the balloons (call ahead on the balloons so they are all ready when you arrive). The downside: Sometimes a bit pricier. But hey, do what's best for your situation. Sometimes it is worth the small extra money for the time (and sanity) you save!

Cars Birthday Decorations

For the cars birthday party table decorations, I used a red tablecloth. I have found that the color red has worked for me for a lot of parties. I own a red fabric tablecloth that I use for Christmas, and my Memorial Day party every year.

Party Tip:

Placing a photo of the guest of honor in a frame on the party table makes a wonderful decoration!

I always like to place a recent photo of the guest of honor in a frame on the table. I'm crazy about taking pictures, so I always make sure I do a photo shoot with my kids each year when they get close to their birthday (about two weeks before). I then order the prints so I have one for the table, one for my frame in my hallway, and wallet sizes and other size prints to give away to my family that come to these parties. I guess it is sort of like a party favor for the adults, ya know?

cars birthday party table decorations

I kept the rest of the table pretty simple, with just the party favor bags as the decorations. Its funny to look back at the first birthday parties I had, as I kept things pretty simple and got a lot more elaborate as the years went on! But hey, simple is fine. Do what you are comfortable with!

cars birthday party decorations

Here's some more decoration ideas for the table: I could see also having some miscellaneous car stuff from the garage on the table... maybe a few tools.

Party Tip:

Instead of buying all the decorations, you can get creative decorating your party table with things you make, or things around your house that fit the theme.

You could make two checkered race flags for each side of the table. Just color (or print off) a checkerboard pattern and glue a wooden dowel on it. Hanging pennant flags would also be cute. You could make orange construction cones using orange card stock. You could get really creative and make some the signs from Radiator Springs.

Cars Birthday Party Games

We played two games for this Cars birthday party. It was summertime, so we were lucky to be able to be outside.

The first was simply a different version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" . I called it, "Pin the Tow Hook on Mater". Instead of a donkey, I found a coloring page on line of Mater. I enlarged it, and printed out the tiles on my computer and taped them all together to make one large image. I then had my daughter color it, which she loved.

Party Tip:

Label each tow hook with the child's name ahead of time, and have double sided tape already attached to save time during the game.

Next was to make a few copies of Mater's tow hook and cut them out. Since the tow hook is a long cable, I left a white chunk of paper while cutting these out so they would be easy to pin.

cars birthday party games

The second game we played at the Cars birthday party were Mater-tow races! This is simply the old-fashioned wheel barrow race. What I loved about this is that I got the parents involved. Each child has their parent stand behind them. When the race started, the parent would pick up the child's legs while the child supported themselves using their arms. The child would "walk" along the grass using their arms while the parents held up their legs. What fun this is! The first child to pass the finish line wins!

wheel barrow race

Party Tip:

To make the finish line, roll out a piece of masking tape on the grass.

We had so much fun at this Cars birthday party!! If you are planning one I hope you enjoyed this article. I welcome you to share your ideas and photos with us too.


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