Candyland Birthday Party

The candyland birthday party theme was perfect for my six year old daughter.  Not only does she love the game, like any kid, she is love with candy.  

We try our best to limit the sugary goods in our house, which made this party theme that much more exciting.   To actually have tons of different brightly colored candy in the house, and be allowed to eat it, well, she was in heaven!

But I do need to mention... be prepared for a bit of sugar-high craziness from the kids.  My daughters really seem to be affected by it.  I can tell how much sugar they've had by how crazy they are acting.

This is a fun theme for a girl's Sweet 16 birthday party too!  I can't think of anyone that wouldn't enjoy the bright colors and a sweet or two!

candyland birthday party

Candyland Birthday Party Cake

If you have been searching around for candyland cakes I'm sure you know they can be very fancy, colorful, and detailed!  Just do a search for them and you will be amazed.  I admit, this is probably the simplest candyland cake you will find.  But honestly, my daughter was still in love with it, and keeping the cake simple was worth it for me.  I didn't spend long at all with the decorating which made the party day less hectic. My kids loved helping me put the candy on the cake, and they were literally salivating.  Yes, I let them each have a piece when they were done!

candyland birthday cake

I chose to decorate the cake in white, and added a candyland path using Skittles.  There was a little shortcut path made using Starburst candy.  

I attempted to make a chocolate mountain by piling up some chocolate melting wafers I had, then added a few lollipops in the corner.

I created little signs for each location (chocolate mountain, lollipop woods, gumdrop pass) and taped them on a toothpick, so I could stick the sign right in the cake.  Quick and easy!

Candyland Birthday Party Decorations

The Candyland board game is filled with primary colors, so red, yellow, green, and blue work great for the this party.  Or, you can stick with pretty pastels too.  

Party Tip:

Use actual candy to decorate the party table!

How to decorate the table? With candy of course!  Different types of candy piled up in glass jars and vases looks beautiful on the party table.  You can include little scoops in each jar for easy serving.  Or, have each guest make their own "goodie bag" at the end of the party by scooping various candy into their bags.

I also made some large wrapped candy pieces by wrapped styrofoam balls in pastel tissue paper, then tying off the ends with a ribbon.  

I made a Candyland path that ran across the cake table.  To do this, I had a large roll of white paper and I cut a wavy path from it.  I cut different squares of primary colored card stock to make the squares on the board.  I had a one inch square scrapbooking punch that made this step a breeze.  Then, I just glued them all on.  I scattered some game cards and the actual playing pieces on the table.

Make Paper Plate Lollipops

paper plate lollipops
I made some extra large lollipops using paper plates.  My kids and I painted them with pastel colored swirls, then we taped a wooden dowel to the back of the plate.  

The tape can be covered by gluing another painted plate on the other side.  

The paper plate lollipops can be wrapped in cellophane wrap and tied with a ribbon.

 I then poked them into a piece of styrofoam I had (or use some stiff floral foam).  I covered the base with a white blanket of quilting batting I had, to look like snow, since this party was in January.

Dum Dum Trees

dum dum tree

You can create a gumdrop tree, or a Dum Dum tree, using a styrofoam cone.  Just poke in the sticks of suckers right in the foam.  For gumdrops, use a toothpick.

You can also create a topiary.  Use a foam ball with a wooden dowel stuck through the bottom.  Support the wooden dowel in a small pot filled with some floral foam.  Then, you can decorate the foam ball by sticking gum drops or dum dums all over.  

Candyland Birthday Party Favor Bags

I created party favor bags using regular brown lunch bags. I decorated the front by cutting a Gingerbread man using my Cricut (Stretch Your Imagination cartridge).  I filled these with full size candy bars!

candyland favor bags

Candyland Birthday Party Games

We played two games for this candyland birthday party. Both were a lot of fun!

Marshmallow Buildings

For the first activity, I divided the kids up into teams.  You can also have each child work individually as well.

marshmallow buildings I gave each team a pile of toothpicks, a few wooden skewers, and a bowl of mini marshmallows.  I explained the rules:  Each team had 15 minutes to see how tall they could make a structure out of the toothpicks, skewers, and marshmallows, without it falling down.

I set a timer, and had a tape measure ready!  

The kids had a lot of fun... but let me give you a few suggestions. Gumdrops would work better.  They are sturdier, but more expensive...

The marshmallows worked fine but the kids started mashing them together and it got a bit messy, so be forewarned.

Marshmallow Straw Race

My kids always love relay races using straws, so we divided the kids up into two teams, and gave them each a drinking straw and had a bowl of mini marshmallows nearby.  I placed a bowl for each team, on a table near the other end of the room.  

To begin, the first child on each team must hold the marshmallow to the end of their straw by sucking in on the straw hard... no hands allowed.  They must run to the end of the room and drop it carefully in the bowl.  If they drop the marshmallow, they must start back at the front with a new marshmallow.  They run back and the next child tries the same thing with their straw.  You can have this go on until the bowl is filled, or have the game end when the first team reaches 20 marshmallows in their bowl.

Candyland Birthday Party Sundae Bar

With the birthday cake, I served vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  Then, I put all the extra candy I had into little serving dishes to create a sundae bar.  This was a great way to use all the extra Skittles, M&M's, chocolate chips, etc.  I also included nuts, Andes Mint baking chips, hot fudge and strawberry toppings, and whipped cream.  This was a huge hit, believe me!

All in all this was a fun theme and my daughter loved it! If you threw a Candyland birthday party, or plan too, please share your ideas!

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